Sierra Hills Swim & Racquet Club Homes were built by the Deane Brothers in 1966. Deane Brothers had envisioned to build over six hundred homes that would make up the Sierra Hills Community. The homes were state of the art, Golden Medallion Award homes, that had the innovative garden kitchens that incorporated indoor & outdoor living. Due to the economy during the late 1960's and early 1970's, Deane Brothers decided to stop building homes and built 224 single family homes. There are a total of 192 homes that belong to Sierra Hills Swim and Racquet Club membership. By 1979 the homeowners decided to create the associate membership. This associate membership allowed friends, and families, who do not live in a Sierra Hills home to become members. By doing so, this allowed others to join in the fun of our summer-time swim,  tennis, and use of the club house. In September of 2011, the general resident members voted to change the by-laws and cc & r's to allow the 34 non-resident member houses to rejoin Sierra Hills without penalties. (Deane Brothers failed to build the required 620 houses that would have supported Sierra Hills with their membership dues, and allowed the original homeowners a one time vote to opt out of the association). The new  changes made in September of 2011, have given Sierra Hills the opportunity to make our neighborhood whole and make our facilities available to them. With the creation of the associate membership, and the changes for the current owners of non-member houses to be re-instated, the resident members of today benefit with lower monthly dues. We hope our community as a whole will benefit by enjoying the use of our facility! The associate membership has an initiation fee of $150.00, and monthly membership dues of $35.00 per month. If you live in a non-member house please call our office to see how you can become a resident member again!

For further information on our membership please call our office: 661-252-3080.

Club Applications

Download member applications, swimming pool rules and swim team details here. 

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Club Location

Address:  28616 Kenroy Ave
                   Canyon Country, Ca.
Phone:     661-252-3080
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